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Anti-African Crocus Properties
Saffron contains beta-blockers and flavonoids that help delay growth tumor, test tube studies and animal studies already indicate that it could be a way to treat some type of cancer, but in preliminary phases so that in the next few years it will be possible to be dazzled if it could be a reality.
Saffron for memory
The antioxidant properties of saffron help to protect the brain from stress assuming an improvement in memory, studies are being carried out for Alzheimer's. The crocin and crocetin that contains the spice improve memory and learning and cognitive skills.
Saffron digestive properties
Picocrocin is the bitter component of saffron and responsible for the characteristic flavor it has, this component stimulates appetite and digestion by increasing digestive, salivary and gastric secretions being an excellent eupéptico remedy and appetizer.
Saffron is an element that we must add in any healthy diet to favor the digestion of food.
Saffron to treat cardiovascular disease
It has been found that in areas where there is more saffron consumption, there is a lower incidence of heart-related diseases. Crocin (the red pigment of saffron) reduces cholesterol and has been used, since time immemorial, as an element to fortify the heart.
Saffron as a remedy to improve vision problems
Safranal is one of the most prominent components of saffron, slows down the degeneration of photoreceptor cells in the eyes, improve the function of the retina and the blood vessels of the eye. The antioxidant properties of the spice help improve eye health as this directly linked to the nervous system.
Saffron for the good functioning of the liver
The liver is responsible for the production of bile and fluidifica, this production is stimulated thanks to the crocetin, a component of saffron, helping the digestive process and preventing stones in the gallbladder. Saffron also protects the liver against possible injuries caused by aflatoxins that we may ingest.
Anti-depressant properties of Saffron
It is indicated for mild and moderate depression, in many cases incipient cases, it is recommended to ingest 30mg of saffron daily for 2 months to obtain satisfactory results, the best way to take the saffron is in infusion or in the food, it also exists in tablets but they are not advised due to risk of toxicity or adulterations due to the price of pure saffron.
Saffron as an antioxidant
Crocin is a component of saffron that is a very powerful antioxidant, it retains free radicals by slowing the aging of body cells and improving overall health, it is effective even in low concentrations.
Saffron for diabetes
When you have high blood sugar levels, saffron may be a very important supplement due to its great antioxidant power and its carotenoid content, directly related to vision problems.
Aphrodisiac properties of saffron
Saffron is recommended to elevate the libido, it is a powerful aphrodisiac used since the ancient Romans where they used it even to fill pillows of the festive rooms, that to say in this sense of dark chocolate with saffron, an article that awakens passions
Saffron for menstrual pain
It has been indicated to treat premenstrual symptoms, saffron favors the menstrual cycle, prevents uterine cramps and benefits the flow of menstruation
Saffron Sedative Properties
Saffron is a component very appreciated for its sedative properties, good remedy for anxiety and nervousness, against insomnia or applied in infusion for the problem of pain in the dentition of babies applied to the gums.