Mission of the company:

Quality management = Production and employment = Research, development and innovation management
The mission of the company is focused on several sectors, the first of which is the quality management defined in the company, which includes the following principles:
Principle 1 = Quality Management: Customer Orientation and Customer Satisfaction
Principle 2 = Quality Management: Leadership
Principle 3 = Quality management: Employee participation
Principle 4 = Quality Management: A Process Approach
Principle 5 = Quality Management: A System Approach to Management
Principle 6 = Quality management: Continuous improvement
Principle 7 = Quality management: A realistic approach to decision making
Principle 8 = Quality management: Bilateral relationship with suppliers

The company's performance:

The company collects all types of saffron directly from the fields and then hygienically transfer to the warehouse and after carrying out physical, chemical and microbiological tests in the laboratory of the company and approving the basis of standard quality, sorts, packages, and send them to Europe, Asia, Latin America and the Pacific.