Company Certificates:

1. Business license for the sale of saffron, spices and dried fruits, and production license for saffron, spices and dried fruits with No. 90/911
2. Health monitoring id with the number 1331/50 from the Ministry of Health (Food and Drug Administration)
3. Certificate of brand and trademark registration with the number 199692
4. License from the Ministry of Industries and Mines for production, assembly and packaging of saffron in a volume of 1,000 kilograms, as well as production and packaging of 2000 tons of dried fruit annually with the number 4336 in 2012
5. International Standard of ISO 9001 for quality management from Oxford University in England in 2013
6. International Standard of ISO 22000, Standard for Food Safety Management System from Oxford University in England in 2012
7. License for exploitation of saffron, with a capacity of 1000 kg (one ton) from the Ministry of Agriculture and Engineering System Organization with the number 2654/9 / B in 2016