History of Zarrin Saffron Namavar Company

The company was founded in 2006 with the name of Novin saffron Namavar Qaenat and entered the Iranian market and became famous in most regions. Even now some of our former customers know us by this name. However, the brand name of the company was not registered with this name. Due to the popularity of the name on the market, the board of directors decided to register a name similar to the previous one and have a variety in the packaging and production. In the course of our research, we realized that about 500 years ago in the city of Tuyserkan, saffron was cultivated, and also Khorasan and Qaenat, due to climate change, drought, and other problems with the production of this strategic product, no longer have the ability to produce the former amount of saffron. So we decided to take a major step towards the production and export of saffron. Several years ago we cultivated saffron in the city of Hamedan around Alisadr cave. In 2011, we found that due to the severe cold, the root of saffron was damaged and it caused a lot of problems. In 2012, we transferred Zarrin Saffron Namavar Company (Register No. 565 in Hamadan) to the city of Kashmar and its registration number changed to 1977. Permits and licenses related to the province of Hamedan were not credible in Khorasan. Therefore, with great efforts, we obtained all licenses and permits necessary for the export and cultivation of saffron. We started trading with Kuwait in 2012 with the brand name of Zarin Namavar, and for several years we had representative in Kuwait. We collect all sorts of saffron directly from the fields and then transfer them to the warehouse in a hygienic form. After having carried out physical, chemical and microbiological tests in the laboratory of the company on the basis of standard quality, we sort and pack saffron and send it to Europe, Asia, Latin America and Oceania. The company has a license for exploitation of one ton of saffron annually from the Ministry of Agricultural and has Iranian standard and hygiene control number.